The following is a list of facts about Fred Rowson.

1. Fred directed his first film when he was 16; a documentary portrait of a neighbourhood misanthrope who was convinced that a giant ape man was living undiscovered in a local park.

2. He has been nominated for various awards. These include Best New Director at the UK MVAs, 2015. You can watch all of his FILMS here.

3. At the age of 19, he briefly disappeared. He was recovered with the aid of a private investigator, but he does not discuss the particulars of this incident.

4. Despite traumatic experiences during his teenage years, he maintains a healthy interest in the supernatural.

5. Fred’s obituary was published prematurely in the late summer of 2015. You can read it here.

6. Music Videos
Richard Grewe | Colonel Blimp

7. Commercials
Paul Weston | Colonel Blimp